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the Modern Holistic Health

Practitioners Conference

Park City, Utah

October 10th – 13th 2024

Transform Your Practice, Transform Your Life at the Ultimate Conference for Health Practitioners

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Physicians, coaches, nurses, and health practitioners of ANY kind...

We've assembled an Expert team TO HELP YOU SUCCEED IN...
... WE have come together to show you what's possible.

Let us show you real answers and proven solutions for your health business and how we’ve helped transform the lives and businesses of over 450 doctors, and health coaches around the world​.

More than 450 of our practitioner and health coaching practices around the world are using our proven clinical and business models because they are proven and they work!

Enjoy new levels of income, freedom, and impact through our unique approach, which works for both online and brick-and-mortar models.


The sick-care industry is collapsing and a new healthcare system has evolved.

Our proven business model, evidence-based approaches, clinical protocols and heart-centered community is growing!

If you’re on the brink of burnout, overwhelmed by the demands of individual care, and not making the money you deserve – this event is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Come join us at our October event in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah, October 10 – 13th, 2024.

Hear how top physicians and business professionals feel about the Experts at the MHH Practitioners Conference Event

Burnout-Proof Your Career | Scale Your Business | Improve Client Results

At the Modern Holistic Health Practitioners Conference, you will learn:


Proven, evidence-based clinical approaches and protocols you can start using with your patients and clients right away (these have been tested and proven on over 5,000+ clients around the world).

These have been designed for simplicity and affordability.


This field is rapidly evolving, offering new hope and groundbreaking treatments for previously incurable conditions. Learn how cutting-edge research and clinical applications are setting the stage for a future where regeneration and healing are not just possible, but routine.


The 6 pillars of business and personal success that are used by 7- and 8-figure practices to scale their business and create more freedom, laid out for you in a simplified, ready-to-take-action approach that you can implement right away.


How to automate your income using simple tools, templates, and processes that give you back your freedom and time. You will get access to tools and templates you can start using right away.


There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to marketing. And it's important to know what will work best for you at the different phases of your business growth.

Learn which marketing strategies you can use in each phase of your business for continued growth, including everything from paid ads on Google, to organic growth, to list building, online marketing, and more.


The power of programming, language, and belief systems is so underestimated and can have detrimental effects not only on your leadership skills and culture you want to create in your business, it can also hinder the healing progress of your patients and clients.

Learn conscious leadership language to reduce turnover and disengagement so you can create a superior and streamlined culture and customer experience.


We are often our own worst roadblock when it comes to success in our business. Yet this ONE thing is often not in our field of view.

Learn why your personal development is directly related to the successful growth of your business, what your own personal roadblocks are that are holding you back, and how to break through the glass ceiling so you can finally enjoy the success you desire in both your personal and professional life.


Not understanding how to build trust and rapport with your clinical and business team can be your biggest setback in preventing your business success. And not knowing how to truly connect and build rapport with your patients most often leads to low compliance, poor outcomes, and a short-lived practice.

Learn the science and psychology of unconscious communication patterns to unlock the secrets of abundance in your personal life and your business.

The MHH Practitioners Conference is for you if you are looking for a comprehensive approach for clinical and business success.

R. David Calvo, M.D.
Medical Director
Texas Wellness Center

Through mentoring and learning from the extensive knowledge of the Modern Holistic Health team that Dr. V has expertly curated,  I was able to learn the 6 Pillars of Business Success and how to start and grow my virtual healthcare business. I went from seeing clients in person in a traditional orthopedic and integrative medical practice to providing exceptional integrative and holistic care for thousands both online and in person.

My name is Dr. David Calvo, and I am a surgeon of 40+ years and have worked in private and corporate practices and I have owned and operated private orthopedic practices. Through learning strategic business and clinical approaches with Greg, Brandon, Deb, JR, and Dr. V, I found and developed a successful solution to reach more people without sacrificing my personal life. The 6 Pillars of Success is vital to anyone wanting to grow their practice with success!

With their expertise, guidance, and support for business systems, operations, hiring, and the foundations for a scalable online health practice, I fully transitioned from an in-person clinic to seeing thousands of patients worldwide. This amazing community of experts helped me understand how to interact virtually with my new client base and taught me how to create a successful online presence.

How Modern Holistic Health Changed My Practice and Perspective

Dr. Greg Eckel, ND, LAc
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Energy4Life Regenerative Medicine & Wellness Center

I have witnessed the brilliance of Dr. Elena Villanueva’s evidence-based approaches and business success on several occasions.

The thorough work-ups, complete care addressing multiple levels of a person’s being is something everyone needs to learn and put into practice.

On top of this, she and her team have built an amazing online program and business model and are making a bigger impact helping thousands worldwide each year.

As a health professional myself, I can wholeheartedly say that Dr. V and the Modern Holistic Health approach is very thorough and offer one of the best approaches to healing, health, optimization, and vitality!

I highly recommend The Modern Holistic Health Approach — you won’t regret it!

Dr. Greg Eckel, ND, LAc
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Energy4Life Regenerative Medicine & Wellness Center

You’ll leave this three-day immersive experience...


With all you need to get consistent, excellent outcomes with your holistic practice and/or regenerative medicine practice.

You will learn our protocols and approaches using a model that is data-driven, simple, affordable and is designed for excellent clinical outcomes.


With a proven system for generating more income for your practice and making a bigger impact, without burning yourself out. Experience a community of experts to support your growth.

We're even giving you one of our "done for you" group programs that is plug and play!


Experience our unique transformational breakthrough process that will uplevel your leadership and communication skills.

You will leave confident, and knowing exactly what to do to create the freedom, impact, and sustainable business profit you are looking for.


Dr. Elena Villanueva

CEO Modern Holistic Health

Dr. Elena Villanueva, an acclaimed health influencer and producer of three global masterclass series, is a leading health and wellness expert, known for her innovative approach, merging Newtonian and quantum science, she’s a frequent guest on FOX News and MSN, shaping the narrative in holistic health. 

Her teachings on evidence-based health strategies combined with simplified and affordable protocols are a cornerstone at prestigious forums like PaleoFX, University of Texas, CellCore, Health Experts Alliance, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference, multiple documentaries, Good Day LA, Vibrant Labs, and Mosaic Labs (formerly GPL Labs. 

Dr. V pioneers holistic health education, offering new perspectives in managing complex health issues and has been instrumental in supporting thousands worldwide to restore their health, addressing conditions from autoimmune disorders to mental health challenges. 

Committed to changing the global wellness paradigm, Dr. Villanueva’s training and certification programs are enabling practitioners around the world to step into the future of medicine with methodical business and clinical approaches.

Greg Platz

COO Modern Holistic Health

Greg Platz is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Modern Holistic Health, BioOne Sciences, and Holistic Health Publishing. As a former GE chief aerospace engineer, Greg became inspired witnessing the remarkable and consistent clinical outcomes and evidence-based approaches developed by Dr. Villanueva and embarked on a remarkable journey that saw him transition from the high-stakes world of aerospace engineering to revolutionizing the health and wellness industry. 

In just a year after its inception, Greg’s business and systems expertise propelled Modern Holistic Health to unprecedented heights, scaling it to a seven-figure virtual coaching enterprise that has realized consistent and sustainable growth and has garnered attention from practitioners around the country who are looking for help streamlining their practices, business systems and operations.

Today, Modern Holistic Health is the top virtual holistic coaching practice in the world, and has developed a one-of-a-kind model that not only educates and trains those seeking to regain their health, MHH also trains Practitioners around the world.

JR Burgess

CEO Healthovators

JR Burgess, former CEO of Rejuv Medical, Co-Founder of MedFit and HealthOvators, international speaker and two-time #1 bestselling author, launched himself as the top expert into the advanced regenerative medicine health sphere and integrated care model by scaling Rejuv Medical to  100 clinics globally, focusing on co-created health and empowering medical leaders and patients. 

JR continues to innovate healthcare with a model that prevents, reverses or better manages chronic pain and disease while supporting physicians, practitioners, and health coaches to achieve these transformations profitably through business.

His revolutionary regenerative healthcare model includes regenerative medicine, functional and holistic medicine, now replicated in clinics and wellness centers around the world.

JR mentors, educates, and empowers medical leaders and patients to co-create regenerative health together and positively impact the world.

Brandon Yager

CEO Yager Training

Brandon Yageris an esteemed Master NLP business coach and a transformative trainer whose expertise is sought after by top entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies globally. He is a sought-out speaker who regularly presents at conferences and workshops around the country.

Renowned for helping high level entrepreneurs drive substantial growth, overcome mental barriers, and achieve peak performance, Brandon’s coaching is pivotal in enhancing both professional and personal lives.

His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 18 when he launched a venture in real estate, demonstrating remarkable business acumen and strategic prowess that  quickly elevated his start-up into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, marking the beginning of his reputation as a master of transformative sales strategies and business expansion.

Together with his wife, Deb, Brandon has crafted a sought after and sophisticated methodology that significantly bolsters communication skills across professional spheres, empowering entrepreneurs by mastering the art of confident and persuasive communication, crucial for effective negotiation, leadership, and sustainable business growth. 


Deborah Yager

CEO Yager Training

Deb Yager, a recognized top expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and personal transformation for business success, achieved her first seven-figure business in her early 30s and has a proven track record of turning visionary business concepts into profitable realities.

Her strategic acumen and mastery of entrepreneurship have positioned her as a leading authority in transformative business coaching and personal development.

Deb’s expertise is centered around the “six pillars of business success,” a proven framework developed to guide entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in achieving their business objectives.

Together with her husband and business partner, Brandon, her tailored training programs, which integrate NLP techniques with these six pillars, empower professionals to enhance their communication skills, streamline business operations, and drive substantial revenue growth. Deb’s dynamic coaching methods are sought after by industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, making her workshops and seminars essential for anyone committed to achieving profound business success and personal fulfillment.

Rahul N. Desai, MD

CEO & Regenerative Radiologist RestorePDX

Dr. Rahul Desai, founder of RestorePDX, is a distinguished figure in the medical community, recognized as one of the top regenerative medicine doctors in the country. With a deep specialization in musculoskeletal radiology and interventional joint and spine medicine, Dr. Desai has pioneered advancements that integrate diagnostic imaging with groundbreaking treatments such as PRP and other regenerative therapies.

Dr. Desai is not only a practitioner but also an esteemed educator in the field of regenerative medicine. He regularly conducts workshops and certification courses, training other practitioners in the latest techniques and applications of regenerative medicine. His contributions extend internationally, with numerous lectures, presentations, and publications that highlight his expertise and innovative approaches in musculoskeletal treatment.

An active member of several professional associations, Dr. Desai is committed to advancing the field through continuous research and collaborative efforts in educating and certifying practitioners in the field of regenerative medicine. 

His work has not only enhanced the capabilities of regenerative medicine but also improved the quality of life for patients across the globe. Through his leadership at RestorePDX, Dr. Desai continues to set standards for the future of medicine.


From Healing to Healer: My Transformation into a Top Health Coach

Ann Hutyra, IIN, MHHCP
Modern Holistic Health Certified Practitioner
Lead Biological Health Coach
Modern Holistic Health

Studying and mentoring under Dr. V has been one of the best opportunities of my life! 

I originally met Dr. V as part of a doctor-patient relationship. I was very sick at the time, and she helped guide me back to optimal health. Once I regained my health, I decided to  leave my 15-year career as a news anchor for a major news network and changed careers to get into health coaching so that I could share what I learned during my healing process and inspire others to heal themselves.

I received several health coaching certifications on my own but still knew I was missing some vital pieces to get the clinical outcomes I wanted for my clients. I learned about the opportunity to mentor and train with Dr. V, learning her evidence-based clinical approaches and protocols. The knowledge I gained from her  helped me take my coaching to the next level and allowed me to start teaching my clients how to find the root causes of their symptoms, as opposed to just managing through diet and lifestyle.

Being able to see my clients actually heal long-term dis-ease in their bodies is truly amazing! Dr. V taught me how to approach complex client cases with an open mind, know what labs to order, and taught me how to put together the lab findings, and then build protocols and effective strategies to address my client’s needs and get them the results they were looking for.

I was later granted the opportunity to join Dr. V’s team and now serve as her Chief Biological Health Coach Practitioner, which is truly a dream job for me! Dr. V has taught me how to help a client uncover ALL of their root causes of poor health, not just the root causes we see on lab work – but also mental and emotional root causes, and how to connect all of those dots to address the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. V and the MHH team are incredibly passionate about their work and are genuinely invested in helping as many people as possible. The MHH team has such a wealth of knowledge in business, personal growth, and clinical approaches that work and they love sharing their knowledge with those who want to learn.

The MHH Practitioners Conference truly has the BEST clinical and business experts who will help you take your clients, business, and personal transformation to the next level!

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Join us in this immersive 3-day event where you will connect and learn from the top leading holistic and regenerative clinical experts, and healthcare industry business experts who are disrupting the failed sick-care industry.

Equip yourself with data-driven approaches and proven protocols that work with even the most complex cases, while scaling your practice for longevity and bigger impact.

The 3 Day Live Event Schedule

From Expert Learning to Exceptional Practice: The MHH Practitioners Conference Impact

The MHH Practitioners Conference is an absolute gem, and I can say without a doubt that if you’re looking to learn from the best of the best in excellent clinical outcomes and sustainable business growth, Dr. V, Greg, JR, Deb, and Brandon are truly the Dynamic 5 experts you want to learn from.
Together, their intelligence and knowledge are unrivaled; they speak truthfully and straightforwardly and they keep it simple when teaching.

Having been in practice for over 30 years myself, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on mediocre and disorganized conferences and programs that left me feeling overwhelmed – but Dr. V has been a godsend compared to all that. She has curated the best group of clinical and business experts that have not only helped her scale her practice, but are also now helping others to do the same! Learning and mentoring with the MHH practitioner team made me feel more informed and empowered than ever. The MHH Practitioners Conference offers individuals the ability to gain invaluable knowledge from an experienced and proven team of experts who know the industry and are truly passionate about helping people heal the world.

In the conference, they will teach you how to effectively use body, mind, and spirit approaches in your practice while being financially successful at the same time. Together they cover everything from basic practice management procedures and protocols to more advanced topics, such as creating positive patient engagement models and developing quality assurance systems for customer service excellence.

What sets this conference apart is this amazing curated team of unparalleled expertise in getting consistent positive outcomes with even the most complex cases and their passion for teaching others how to do the same. Not only do they generously give as much time as needed to answer any questions I had, but they continuously provided support long after my training, too – always keeping an open door for me so that I could do my best to help my patients get their health back, while continuing to grow my practice.

On top of having an incomparable commitment to assisting me with my online success, Dr. V also has a tireless ambition to help heal people worldwide through virtual care. She currently runs a multi-million dollar enterprise focused on providing quality healthcare virtually – proving that it is indeed possible to be successful while serving others selflessly at the same time!

If you’re looking to upgrade your life path of service while becoming knowledgeable in healthcare practices simultaneously, there really isn’t anyone better than Dr. V out there right now. My confidence levels and my practices have soared since training with her!

Dr. Mark Armbruster, DC, MHHCP
Chief Practitioner, Owner
Denver Vitality Center

The Venue

Black Rock Mountain Resort

Black Rock Mountain Resort is the perfect place to reset your mind, body, and soul.

From ski resorts that offer hiking and downhill biking before ski season opens, to experiencing Robert Redford’s famous Sundance mountain resort, and with Old Town Park City only 6 miles away, you have a plethora of restaurants and outdoor adventure options right at your fingertips!

And with award-winning dining on-site, a lively bar and stunning views of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains nearly everywhere you look, the most difficult decision you make may be whether to check out our surrounding communities or kick back and enjoy the view. 

With our specially curated resort stay discounts, you can bring your family and have an extended stay in the Black Rock Resort’s 1 or 2 bedroom suites with kitchens and full amenities.  Discount code for resort rooms and suites provided after your conference ticket purchase. 

Discover unparalleled luxury at Black Rock Mountain Resort’s condo-style accommodations, which offer a range of luxurious suites and guest rooms spanning 350 – 4,500 sq ft. Each suite boasts breathtaking vistas, with options showcasing panoramic views of the Jordanelle Reservoir, Deer Valley, and the majestic mountains of the Wasatch Range.

Enjoy access to top-tier onsite amenities that rival any community in the Park City area, ensuring a truly exceptional stay at our specially curated event pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the cost of the general admission ticket?

Access to the 3-day event. Lunch, dinner, light snacks, and coffee/tea/water stations throughout the day.

What’s not included in the cost of my ticket?

Attendees are responsible for the cost of the following items: Hotel room stay for the duration of the event, airfare & transportation to & from the event, and any additional non-included food/beverage.

What is the closest airport to fly in?

The Salt Lake City (SLC) International airport is 35 minutes away (33 miles).

What hotels are near the conference?

The practitioners conference is being held at Black Rock Mountain Resort, which offers single rooms, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom suites.

What is the dress code for the conference?

Dress in your style. Wear what makes you feel your best. Don’t worry about business-casual or business-professional, but we would recommend you dress to impress since this is also a networking event. Bring a swimsuit as the resort has a pool and hot tub. A light jacket or sweater is suggested for evenings as the temperature cools down in the evenings.

What is nearby for family entertainment?

Historic Park City is only 6 miles from Black Rock Mountain Resort. There are plenty of outdoor activities in and around the area such as hiking, renting UTVs, mountain bikes rentals, horseback riding, and fly fishing.