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Your Gluten Freedom Course Includes:

“I am totally gluten free and still sticking to the strict anti inflammatory diet as I enter month three. What amazed me is when I went to a woman’s bible study at church last week one of the women commented on the weight I am losing, especially in my waist. Her specific words are you don’t look bloated anymore. I Can’t wait for my Gut Zoomer results to back. Thanks for your love and support Dr. V!” – Laurie

“My most recent win is my ALT liver numbers are finally in range!!! I’ve been in the program and healing my liver since February and had a history of high liver enzymes and liver stress overload. Since starting my MHH protocols in your program, my liver markers on my blood work have continually decreased and are finally in range!” – Layla T.

“Before joining Dr V’s program, I was so unwell and I desperately wanted to be healthy.

My improvements are weight loss, my heart risk went from 85% down to 5% , I now have healthy bowel motions, I have more energy, brain alertness & focus, and I am thinking more positively. I am also able to deal with stress better, I am more relaxed & calm, speaking my truth, standing up for myself, and I am stronger & fitter and more easily making friends, trusting & loving myself.😘

I can truly say that my mind, body & spirit have changed to a much healthier state.

I’m learning the art of being my own natural doctor.
It’s been miraculous & I thank Dr V & all her team for the best thing that has ever happened to me.” – Robyn B.